[SENJO] is a brand of e-sports devices developed based on the opinions of e-sports players who compete in the "battlefield" of e-sports.
We started development with the idea that there is nothing more reassuring than if an e-sports team could develop a device that would realize e-sports players' wishes and support them in their "winning a thousand battles"! This is the reason why we started development of this product.

"[GEKOKUJO] from Gifu to the world"

The device developed by the e-sports team [GEKOKUJO], which operates under the motto "From Gifu to the world [GEKOKUJO]," is planned, developed, and deployed to provide an opportunity for companies in Gifu Prefecture to advance into the e-sports industry.

ぎふ証明材について / About Gifu Certified Lumber



Some of our branded wooden products are made from "Gifu Certified Wood".
Gifu Prefecture has a system to certify timber legally harvested in Gifu Prefecture as "Gifu Certified Timber". Under this system, forestry and timber industry businesses and the prefecture work together to certify the history of legally harvested Gifu Prefecture timber (Gifu Certified Timber).
The traceability of the timber allows us to know where the timber was produced and along what route it was made into a product.
Our company is registered as a "Gifu certified lumber promoter" with the following information.

Gifu certified lumber promoter registration number: No. 010179
Name of promoter: Office Polaris LLC